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Miscellaneous, War Shirt, Plains Beaded, Vintage Late 20th Century, 476

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This incredible piece is a vintage deerskin war shirt, embellished with a row of geometric patterned Plains beads of greens, reds, blues and yellows along the front of the shirt, complemented by circular clusters of Plains beads down the arms, and hemmed with a single row of short fringe. Really beautiful, in great condition, a very cool find whether you choose to wear it or display it.

  • materials: deerskin, beading
  • bust measurements: 45"
  • sweep: 46"
  • center back length 26"
  • sleeve cap to hem 22 1/2"
  • vintage condition 
  • leather is still soft & supple
  • light fading and discoloration 
  • wear from ethnographic use
  • style: Misc476