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Miscellaneous, Kachina, Cottonwood, Vintage, 419

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At a little over 15” tall, it’s a bit taller than your average kachina figurine. Hand-carved from cottonwood, painted with pigments, and adorned with feathers, this figure is believed to depict a Hopi Sikyachantaka kachina. According to, “It is said that a long time ago when the Hopis were having a famine and the Spanish had driven off their sheep, they decided to have a katsina dance.  At that time, Sikyachantaka did not have a name but one man in the village had a cow, and he killed the animal and fed these katsinas the entrails of the cow.  Hence their name, ‘holding guts in the mouth’.”

  • materials: cottonwood, pigment, cotton, feathers
  • dimensions: 15" H x 3" W x 1 1/2" D
  • nice vintage condition
  • style number: JM419
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