Cuff, Turquoise, Edison Sandy Smith

Despite his failing eyesight, Navajo silversmith Edison Sandy Smith continues to craft his silverwork in the traditional Navajo Revival style. His work in this handsome cuff combines a balance between stone and silver as evidenced by an amazing display of turquoise from the China Mountain mine.  A single, rectangular cabochon stone boasts a beautiful green turquoise hue with a dark matrix. Edison uses a heavy silver band and decorates it with silver drops, and traditional Navajo stamp work. He finishes it with the perfect amount of oxidation for his famous “vintage aesthetic”

With waning eyesight, Edison Sandy Smith still makes his silverwork entirely by hand in his home studio in Steamboat, CO. His jewelry is characterized in the traditional Navajo Revival style and is beautifully classic.

Edison’s silverwork is very much in demand by collectors because of his limited production due to his eyesight. Edison has earned a place in the history of Navajo silverwork and says, “I never made jewelry for money, it was always the art.”

  • artist: Edison Sandy Smith
  • affiliation: Navajo
  • markings: Star pictograph, ESS, Sterling
  • materials: sterling silver, China Mountain turquoise
  • measurements: circumference 7", gap 1 1/4", width 1 1/4"
  • stone: 1" x 3/4"
  • weight: 87 grams
  • contemporary
  • style number: JB2135
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