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Bracelet, Tennis, Turquoise & Diamonds, Linked Chain, Contemporary, 3504

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In our 2023 adventures abroad, we decided to take our bracelet game to the next level and fell in love with these diamond and turquoise tennis bracelets- and the darling family that creates them. (Y’all know we are a sucker for a family-run business!) We commissioned a limited edition selection of tennis bracelets featuring some of our favorite stones that we knew would complement the collections of our fellow southwestern jewelry-lovin; sisters, like this beautifully hand-crafted diamond and turquoise tennis bracelet that is constructed with not only sterling silver but also 14K gold!
  • materials: sterling silver, 14K gold, turquoise, diamonds
  • measurement: 8"
  • stone weight: 12.32
  • diamond: 1.86
  • gold 14K in grams 9.28
  • gross weight: 21.140 grams
  • contemporary
  • style number: JB3505

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