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Bolo, Kachina, Turquoise & Sterling Silver, Vintage, 970

Color: as sample
We’ve long loved bolos of every shape and size, but can we take a minute to truly appreciate the intricate artisanship of this awesome Kachina?

The detail on this fabulous spirit symbol is impressive, and we were already swooning over that brown-and-blue matrixed turquoise cabochon! This unique vintage find is one we acquired from a private collection, and it will make an awesome addition to yours. 


The interpretation of a Kachina can vary from tribe to tribe, but they are believed to be personifications of different things and believed to have human-like forms and behaviors, so the image of a Kachina is almost always a vague full-body depiction of a “person” in a headdress in and traditional garb. Kachinas can represent many things but are widely considered benevolent beings with positive forces to bring things like rainfall, protection, healing, and fertility.

  • affiliation: likely Navajo
  • materials: sterling silver, turquoise
  • dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25"
  • closure: Bennett Clasp: Bennett Pat Pend C-31
  • weight:  62 grams
  • condition: silver shows typical wear and oxidation, leather cord and silver tips have been replaced
  • style number: JN970
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