This Colorado Style Maker hails from atinytown — like, “eleven people in her graduating class” tiny — and is living the small-town cowgirl American Dream!

After going their separate ways for college, she and her high school sweetheart, Nik, found their way back to their East Colorado roots, and back to each other. Now married, they spend their lives together farming and ranching and wrangling their two tiny cowboys, Truett and Ledger.

Like most of our Style Makers, she kind of stumbled into the scene by accident.

“I was just always sharing little tidbits of my fashion – of some new boots I found, or turquoise, or whatever – on my personal [Instagram] account, and I started gaining enough traction there that I created a new account to post strictly fashion-related content. I started taking it a little more seriously and hiring photographers as it went on.”

Q & A

DDR: How would you describe your personal style?
WHITNEY: Timeless, but practical. I love keeping up with the latest edgy trend, but as a mother to two rowdy cowboys, practicality is everything!

DDR: What is one fashion trend you followed that was very cool then, but ridiculous now?
WHITNEY: Remember the days when everything was low-rise and cropped? From mini-skirts to belly shirts! I wonder now what we ever did before high-rise! #longlivehighrise

DDR: What would you love to find at a yard sale?
WHITNEY: Some good old vintage cowboy boots or an old cowboy hat! Whether it’s on my head or hung on a wall in my house, I can’t get enough!

DDR: What makes you laugh the hardest?
WHITNEY: This might seem like a given, but I can’t leave the house without my phone! I’ll be halfway down my gravel road and realize I forgot it, and I’ll turn right around to go back and grab it! Since I run a business through my phone, it’s an everyday necessity!

DDR: If you had your own talk show, who would be your first three guests?
WHITNEY: Kevin Costner (because, you know… #yellowstone), my boys, and my late grandpa, Glen Norman. I love a good laugh and a good story, and I know they’d all have plenty of both!

Look We Love


All black everything, all the time! Black is definitely always my go-to color. I think it’s strong but timeless; a classic color.

I felt like playing with a couple of different textures, like the faux leather leggings with the sheer top and the jacket for some layering.

I loved the blouse! I chose to just put a lacy bralette underneath to give it kind of an edgy feel, but also the jacket, because you know, conservative.

I tend to go towards the less colorful side of things, so I accessorized with some pops of sterling rather than piling on lots of turquoise.

The leggings and the top kind of steered away from conventional western, so I chose a more traditional hat and boot style to tie that back in.