A small-town Canadian from Alberta, Shelby is a little bit edgy. She has some sass to her style, and we are here for it! But she admits, it took her a little while to find herself.

“I’ve always loved fashion and clothes, even back in high school. But I didn’t really start to dress the way I wanted to until college.”

And that’s what set her on the path to being a Style Maker.

“I started styling my outfits, and really figuring out what my style and taste was. And then I started sharing them. Then I turned that into a blog to showcase my fashion and do some creative things with it, but writing wasn’t really my strong suit, so I turned more to Instagram and focused on that.”

She’s since combined her new-found sense of style and her business degree, and created an online boutique, Wildrose Clothing Co.

Q & A

DDR: How would you describe your personal style?
SHELBY: Retro western hippie cowgirl. ‘Nuff said?

DDR: What color best represents you, or what would you say is your “power color”?
SHELBY: Red. Makes me feel empowered, sexy, and confident. “There is a different shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

DDR: Who are your style icons?
SHELBY: Cher. Nikki Lane. Dolly Parton. Anyone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

DDR: In what era would you most like to have grown up?
SHELBY: I loved growing up in the 90s (nothing beats 90s country music) but I would love to have experienced the 70s! I think my style and laid-back attitude would fit perfectly in that era. Not to mention, I have at least eight pairs of bell-bottoms I could roller skate in!

Look We Love


I loved the beading on the American Assemblage Vest and all the detail of it! I thought it was such a statement in itself that I didn’t think I needed to add much, and that’s why I chose to go simple underneath with just a white tank and a flared jean.

All of the turquoise at the Double D shoot was crazy, there was SO much turquoise in that room! So, I decided I was going to pick and throw on my favorite pieces of turquoise with this sort of simple outfit, and yeah, that was kind of just “me”.