Nicole is quite a paradox. A girl from the west coast, growing up outside San Diego, is not exactly what you picture when you think Western lifestyle. But she’s been riding and showing horses since she was a tiny little tot of age 4.

“I was just this little girl, doing these big events,” Nicole said. “I remember for one, my mom had an outfit made for me that was ALL teal. Teal shirt, teal chaps, she even spray-painted a white straw cowboy hat teal, and I had little teal gloves. I mean, I wasdecked out.

While the outfit may have scarred her, the art of public appearance has served her well; she’s been modeling professionally for more than a decade.

Youthful in appearance and new-age in practice (her current focus is teaching Zen Cowgirl yoga), Nicole is still a bit of an old soul. If she could’ve experienced any era of time, she’d have easily chosen “early 1900s, horse and buggy days, for sure.”

Additionally, she’s honed some impressive age-old skills.

“I’m a sculpture artist, I make longhorn steer sculptures and horses, and I just shipped some turtles I made to a gallery in Oahu,” she humbly shared. “And I’m a leather crafter. I’m working with a local silversmith here in Prescott (Arizona); I am co-designing a line of belts with them, Claim Post. I think that’s it, that’s all I do.” (Oh, that’sall?)

Q & A

DDR: Who is your style icon?
NICOLE: Elizabeth Smith Miller. She was one of the first modern women to start wearing pants in the mid 1800s. I’m just so thankful that women can wear pants!

DDR: What color best represents you, or what would you say is your “power color”?
NICOLE: I’m always drawn to wearing anything black, and I also love denim. I’m not sure if denim is technically a color, but I sure do love wearing a good ol’ Canadian Tuxedo!


DDR: What would you love to find at a yard sale?
NICOLE: I’d love to find mint condition Double D Ranch jackets. And I have! Prescott has amazing estate sales.

DDR: What is always in your bag? Your never-leave-home-without-it item.
NICOLE: My Kimber 9mm.

Look We Love


I was drawn to the Texas Two-Step Jacket because of the fringe and the concho buttons. And the animal print, I love exotic skins. The jacket was so beautiful and it felt so good when I put it on.

The bone color of the necklace complimented the leopard print accents, and I tied in the button look with the larger concho of the necklace, and I thought that all tied together really well.

I love the color black, so I wanted to bring out the black accents of the jacket with a nice solid boot-cut black pant.