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Pin & Pendant, Cluster, Turquoise & Coral, Hallmark, Vintage, Estate, '60s, 484

Color: as sample
If you want a stunning statement piece unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else, congratulations, sister -- you’ve found it.

This stunning vintage pin is a show-stopper not only because of it’s statement size (nearly 5” in diameter!), but those STONES, y’all! Arranged in a classic radial cluster design, the circles are alternating sets of gorgeous Persian turquoise and Mediterranean coral oval cabochons set in tiny serrated bezels. The shade and matrix of the turquoise is so unique and the red coral is not only unique but so uniform -- it’s absolutely breathtaking. The rows are interspersed with tiny sterling silver drops and the cluster is framed with a scalloped edge made up of intricate leaf appliqué. Every piece of it is impressive, but as a whole it’s truly something to behold.

Acquired from a private collection in Idaho. The owner inherited this through his family - his parents and brother, who lived in La Junta, Colorado. They collected mostly in the Santa Fe, Zuni, and Taos areas during the 1950s and through the 1990s. They also attended the Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremony, annually. His brother was an artist, who would sometimes either purchase or trade with Native Americans. He and his brother were both active Boy Scout members at the Koshare Indian Kiva in La Junta, Colorado, which took them all over the U.S. (Kentucky, Washington, DC, Alabama, Mesa Verde, and Denver, to name a few) to perform in Native American dance ceremonies. His brother was an active member from 1960 to 1997, who later became a leader of the organization. He traveled often and sometimes lived with Native people in different cities.
  • markings: verso appears to read "PndAMEE"
  • affiliation: likely Navajo
  • materials: sterling silver, Persian turquoise, Mediterranean coral
  • dimensions: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" diameter
  • weight: 136 grams
  • closure: original pendant hook and recently added bar pin 
  • condition: nice vintage condition, stones are secure in their settings, stones in excellent condition, silver has a nice patina, wear from ethnographic use
  • style number: JP484
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