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Pin, Agate, Petrified Wood, Repouss , Vintage, Estate, 626

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Lately, we’ve been on the lookout for petrified wood pieces, and we’ve found some absolute beauties. Petrified wood is technically a fossil in which the actual wood properties have been replaced by crystalized minerals (think agate and quartz, and in rare occasions, opal) to create stone formations that are many million years old and absolutely stunning. As is often the case with naturally-formed creations, each individual piece is unique, there are no two alike. Ironically, the use of petrified wood in jewelry pieces was originally a move made out of desperation during the Depression, a bit of a make-do solution to the financial hardships that made stones like turquoise hard to come by, but in later and more recent years, they’ve become highly coveted collectible pieces due to their rarity and inherent one-of-a-kind beauty.

This pretty vintage pin features a beautiful cabochon of polished petrified wood agate, set in a simple bezel, framed with twist wire, silver drops, and repousse details. A unique addition to your collection!

  • materials: sterling silver, agate
  • dimensions: 2" x 2.25"
  • weight: 545grams
  • locking c-clasp, 2 loops
  • nice vintage condition
  • stone is secure in its setting
  • no stone chips or hairline fractures
  • silver has a nice patina
  • style: JP626
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