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Unique and hand-crafted, Apache burden baskets are one of the most celebrated art forms in their culture. 

Burden baskets are crafted from all-natural fibers, usually yucca or willow root, deerskin and tin cones. Their traditional uses have varied and evolved throughout the generations, but they were originally very useful for gathering fireworks or food.

Two of the theories why the "tinkling" tin was placed on the tassels are: to warn snakes away while gathering, or for a son-in-law to show respect by getting out of his mother-in-law's way! Today, burden baskets are made to be enjoyed in the home and are also used in some Apache ceremonies. (Credit: Bischoff’s Gallery)

This particular burden basket is a vintage 1980's Apache Indian hand-woven banded design burden basket, measuring 33'' x 17'' overall.

  • affiliation: Apache
  • materials: yucca or willow root, deerskin, tin cones
  • dimensions: 33" x 17"
  • condition: excellent usable vintage condition 
  • style number: JM185
  • https://www.ddranchwear.com/pages/vintage-old-pawn-jewelry-disclaimer
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