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Pin, Novelty, Turquoise, Oscar Betz, Hallmark, 858

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Around here we love pieces by the Santa Fe artist,Oscar Betz. He always brings us something with a wow factor and this time he has created a lovely pin with spin. Three geometric turquoise stones, with a variety of hues, sit in the center. Along the edge is a border of sterling silver desert beads that have been repurposed. A chic contemporary stone set with a different spin. We absolutely love it and know you will too.

Oscar Betz (1954-; Anglo), Stone sets; stamp work.

Mark: Oscar Betz (script)

Santa Fe, New Mexico artist, Oscar Betz, has been a favorite of collectors and celebrities since the 1970s.  

He is known for his original stone sets and one of a kind jewelry and is famous for perfecting the featherweight, Southwest Chandelier earring.

Made from vintage desert pearl beads.

  • artist: Oscar Betz
  • hallmarks: Oscar Betz, Santa Fe,N.M.
  • materials: sterling silver, turquoise
  • dimensions: 2 3/4" x 1 1/2"
  • weight: 28 grams
  • closure: locking c-clasp
  • contemporary
  • style: JP858
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