Miscellaneous, Mask, Cloth, Set of 3

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If you can’t stay home, we want you to stay safe. It has now been advised that everyone who must be in public for any reason shield themselves with a mask. We’re working within our own warehouse and with seamstresses in our area to produce these 100% cotton masks. We are donating as many as possible to nursing homes and hospitals, but we also thought it would be prudent to make them available to the general public, as we all could use the protection. The masks are washable and have an open back slit, which allows you to insert your medical-grade mask if you have one (to extend the life of it), or if you don’t, you can use a coffee filter or a vacuum bag to act as an additional barrier for an extra layer of protection. (The filter or bag should be disposed of after each wear, and your cloth mask should be washed.) Stay home if you can, but wear a mask when you can’t.

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