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Bolo, Multi Stone, Inlay, Kachina, Vintage, 778

Color: as sample
The tall Shalako kachina is the courier or messenger of Rain God and he stands at 10 feet tall.

While this bolo isn’t 10 feet tall it is big by bolo standards and it is outstanding as far as Zuni inlay work goes.

Crafted by Zuni lapidary artists, Ronnie and Olivia Calabaza, this magnificent piece features their signature style of raised inlay.  Finely cut pieces of turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, and onyx are set in a heavy sterling silver frame with scalloped edges and silver raindrops.  This piece is very textural and a fine example of raised inlay work.

This bolo is hallmarked ROC, Zuni NM.  This helps date this piece to1978-1986. All work by the Calabaza’s after this date is marked individually by either Ronnie or Olivia.

Olivia Calabaza (Zuni). Olivia Calabaza shared the stamp with her husband Ronnie Calabaza. Now goes by Olivia Panteah.

Mark: ROC ZUNI NM (until mid-1980s)

Ronnie Calabaza (Zuni). Active since 1970s. Mosaic inlay; cluster sets; stamp work; Ronnie Calabaza shared a stamp with his wife Olivia Calabaza.

  • affiliation: Zuni
  • markings: Bennett Patent Pending, Zuni, N.M., R.O.C.
  • materials: sterling silver, mop, coral,turquoise, jet, leather braided cord
  • dimensions: 5" x 2.5" 
  • weight: 114 grams
  • closure: clamp back, Bennett patent pending 
  • condition: vintage 
  • style number: JN778
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