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Charm, Addiction, Collector's Series, Wolf Pack 2020

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I think we'd all agree 2020 has been one wild year! What better reason to howl at the moon? In these trying times, we've leaned on our Wolf Pack more than ever, and while the year itself may be one we'd like to forget, we always want to remember the sense of community, camaraderie, and the outpouring of support that was shown by this sisterhood. The commemorative 2020 Wolf Pack Tag is a sleek two-dimensional piece: a sterling silver crescent moon overlaid with a silver howling wolf, adorned with stamped feather accents and of course, a DDR. As you know, this also happens to be Double D Ranch's 30th year in business, and the 30th anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with pearls, so we affixed a small dangling pearl to the tag to signify that all who wear it were a part of this milestone in DDR's story. 

Numbers may be requested but are not guaranteed.

  • artist: Peyote Bird Designs
  • markings: each piece will be individually numbered representing the Wolf Pack member number
  • materials: sterling silver and Peal
  • size: 1" x 2"
  • closure: ring
  • style number: FA812
  • Limited Stock Available

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  • Many of the jewelry items we sell are antique, vintage, and/or pre-owned. We acquire these pieces from dealers in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, who work exclusively with Native American jewelry and art. That means they had a life before we found them, and they may show evidence of that previous life; signs of wear, dents, scratches, oxidation, broken stones, etc. We strive to be accurate and transparent in our descriptions of these pieces.

  • Jewelry items are not photographed to scale. We’re not trying to be tricky, our clothing items aren’t photographed to scale either (imagine how large that catalog would be!). Please check the description for the item’s dimensions and feel free to email us with any questions.

  • We are not gemologists. We choose pieces based on their overall aesthetic and how well they accessorize the Double D Ranch collection. Due to the high quality of laboratory-made stones and the influx of fake “Native American” jewelry from the Middle East, we rely heavily on our vetted suppliers to maintain a level of confidence in the quality of stones, provenance, and authenticity of each piece. We try our best to accurately describe the stones in our jewelry items but cannot absolutely guarantee them.

  • We celebrate aging. In ourselves, and in our jewelry. We want the true age of the piece to be represented, so we do not perform any type of cleaning or polishing. If the item is oxidized when we acquire it, that is precisely how you will receive it.