Barbie, Dolly

Size Guide
Own a piece of Double D history — Your very own Backwoods Barbie!

By now, y’all know that Cheryl McMullen is a lifelong Barbie enthusiast; she’s not shy about playing with them until what she calls, “an uncomfortable age”. Well guess what? She still is. When she decided the 2020 Spring collection was going to be Backwoods Barbie, she jumped through some hoops and went down some internet rabbit holes, and found this incredible artist who transforms regular Barbies into celebrities, and commissioned her to make this little Dolly Parton!

This mini superstar was completely re-styled and painted by hand, and then dressed in tiny Double D Ranch outfits that are replica garments from the Backwoods Barbie collection, handmade in our Yoakum sewing room. She’s a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime treasure — and she would make an incredible addition to your DDR collection. 

Little Dolly Parton comes with doll, two outfits, a tiny instrument, and a signed certificate of authenticity declaring it a Double D Ranch collector’s item.