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Willie’s Wild Picnic

[We have to confess, we’ve never actually attended Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic ourselves. But with the number of times we sang along to the Outlaws album, it kind of felt like we had our own in that RV every summer.]

Willie Nelson is an iconic image in Americana, and through his historic and wildly popular annual music festival, he was a pioneer who paved the way for country music events and collaborations of like-minded musicians.

Camphouse Concerts

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The first annual Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic was held in 1973 in Dripping Springs, Texas. Willie had been inspired by the grossly under-attended Dripping Springs Reunion event he played at the Hurlbut Ranch the year before. While that festival was a bit of a flop due to poor promotion, it sparked the idea for Willie that he could gather some of his fellow musicians and friends and put on a three-day festival over Independence Day. (Fitting, because we’re not sure if it’s his signature red-and-white bandana or his denim jacket, but somehow, Willie just screams U.S. of A.)

1973 WIllie's Picnic in Dripping Springs by Camphouse Concerts

The Picnic was initially well-received and well-attended, topping out at an estimated 80,000 attendees. But it wasn’t long before the wild Willie fest caught a bit of a bad rap. Toward the late ‘70s the festival struggled to find venues willing to host the event because it was developing a reputation that it wasn’t safe for concert goers. (Somewhat unsurprising – it’s tens of thousands of outlaws!) They soon rectified the situation by beefing up security and fencing in the festival. Their reputation was restored and they were welcomed back to the Lone Star State. All but three of the annual events have been hosted in Texas, with most of the 1990s being held in Luckenbach and most of the early 2000s taking place at Billy Bob’s in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

It’s uncertain what social distancing will mean for Willie’s Fourth of July Picnic in 2020, but we imagine that even if it’s virtually, the party will go on. Where there’s a Willie, there’s a way.

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July 04, 2020

I love the blog posts so much. I’m a collector of DDR. Learning about how much thought goes into the collections are the biggest reasons I’ve been a fan for years. (I love that there is a scarf in every collection)I love to look back and find a piece, recall the seasons and year, and inspiration behind the collection.

Rebecca (Beki) Smit
Rebecca (Beki) Smit

June 29, 2020

I’ve been to several of Willie’s 4th of July picnics and each one was distinct and exciting. The first was in Gonzales in 1976. I went by myself and camped at the concert grounds in a little pup tent. There were fireworks and one ember landed on the top of my tent and burned right through to the tent floor right next to me! My last picnic was in 2015 at the Circuit of the Americas and it was the hottest one ever. Got to see Leon Russell one last time before he passed away.

Carina Spies
Carina Spies

June 28, 2020

Sounds like FUN!!!♥️ wish I coukd attend one for sure!! Love the tops!!♥️

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