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Double Talk

  • The Fire Went Wild
    November 1, 2020 Halley Sanford

    The Fire Went Wild

    Just like you can’t do Backwoods Barbie without Dolly Parton, you can’t do Nashville without Johnny Cash. His legendary tune Ring of Fire sparked inspiration of a style element we could work with… but we had to do it carefully.
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  • The Beauty of Bakersfield
    May 31, 2020 Halley Sanford

    The Beauty of Bakersfield

    It’s amazing how the subtle differences in a stroke of eyeliner or a matte lip versus a gloss can completely transform a model into a different time and place. Learn how makeup guru Lisa Martensen took our models from Backwoods Barbies to honky-tonk heartbreakers for the Bakersfield catalog.
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  • Ladies We Love: Angela Lieurance
    May 24, 2020 Halley Sanford

    Ladies We Love: Angela Lieurance

    “I’m not a lady who lunches anymore.” After 13 years in healthcare administration, Angela left it behind in favor of being her own boss. She’s since found herself in a role and a lifestyle that “feels like coming home”; she’s traded her stilettos for boots, and her flowery dresses for studded leather. She’s reinventing herself and rebranding her business, and she’s doing it in Double D Ranch.
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  • The Man Who Made Country Music Sparkle
    May 17, 2020 Halley Sanford

    The Man Who Made Country Music Sparkle

    Nudie Cohn has been an inspiration to us since before we even knew his name. We fell in love with his over-the-top creations on everyone from Porter Wagoner to Elton John as they glittered on our TV screens. The designs were unexpected, and the genius behind them was perhaps even more so.
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  • The Color of Country
    April 18, 2020 Halley Sanford

    The Color of Country

    The soul of any collection is the color. It sets the tone, it tells you how to feel about it. Is it edgy and rebellious? Is it elegant and regal? Is it patriotic? Backwoods Barbie is on the softer side of country.
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  • Going to the Opry
    April 5, 2020 Halley Sanford

    Going to the Opry

    Just as their style evolved from their humble backwoods beginnings to their Grand Ole Opry superstardom, so does the collection. Soft faded blues and washed-out pinks are replaced with bold blacks, brighter pinks, and mint greens. The silhouettes are sassy, the embellishments are twangy, and everything is just a little bit edgy.
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  • Short & Chic
    March 28, 2020 Halley Sanford

    Short & Chic

    There is a lot of unexpected beauty in Backwoods Barbie -- we played with leathers in colors you don’t often see, we made raw-edged denim upscale, and we got edgy with our silhouettes. The Hand Me Down Jacket is no exception. We dared to make a leather jacket short-sleeved. And it worked. (We knew it would, we’ve done it before.)
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