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Star-Spangled & Sassy: The Summer’s Hottest Pants

Stars and stripes just got sexy! The swoon-worthy Uncle Sam’s Pants may just bethe standout piece of the summer collection. They’re head-turners to say the least, and they embody all things Willie’s Picnic – not just the Americana, but the era.

“You know, Willie’s Picnic is still a thing that happens to this day,” Cheryl said. “But to me, Willie’s Picnic – and Willie Nelson in general, actually – will always be 1970s. He was the original outlaw country hippie, so he will forever represent that retro era to me, and everything in this collection kind of ties back to that in one way or another. And I think when you hear ‘seventies fashion’, one of the very first things that come to mind is bell bottom pants, so it wasn’t even a question to me that this collection would have a pair.”

Bell bottoms are inherently sexy. Their outline gives them an hourglass-esque appearance, which gorgeously accents a naturally curvy gal like our model Kate, but can also create an almost optical illusion of curves on someone with more of a straight, thin build like Kaylin. We’re telling you, everybody can feel good in these pants.

“We’ve actually made a similar style of pant before, years ago, and people went crazy over them, so we weren’t really worried about going bold with the bellbottom silhouette,” she said. “We’re already seeing high demand at retail and inventory is limited -- these pants won’t last. Double D ladies like to stand out, they’re not afraid to be daring with their outfit, so while we sometimes like to push the envelope, we never really feel like it’s a risk. That’s one of the best things about the Wolf Pack, they’re strong, secure, confident women; they wear whatever makes them feel good which, of course, makes them look even better in it. They make us look good!”

While the outline makes them unique, the Americana makes them awesome. The pants themselves are light-wash stretch denim (yes, they have some give to them) which made them a perfect canvas for having a little fun with the accents. The red and white vertical stripes up the side seams are a throwback to the athletic sport stripes that were pervasive throughout the seventies, and plus, being vertical, they have an elongating effect on your legs! And the stars… well, the stars are just fun. When you’re designing a patriotic pant, and you’ve already added some stripes, stars are a no-brainer, so we stuck with a solid white and went kind of random with the size and placement – or “Willie”-nilly, if you will. (Sorry, had to.)

We styled them with the Shotgun Willie Tee, which is a fun look, but you can also temper them down with a solid red or white top, or really turn it up a notch with the Picnic Hitcher Tee for a top to bottom American spirit. You really can’t go wrong, these pants are a guaranteed hit. We’ve nicknamed them the ‘Patriotic Party Pants’ because, c’mon, how can you NOT have a good time when you’re rocking these?!

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June 28, 2020

Me to a T! Love love love..,summer of love..free spirt..I am a bit older and did wear similar in the mid late 70s, Hippy, gypsy boho at its best.

chris barhum
chris barhum

June 22, 2020

I so love the look of these pants, I would love to walk around in them with my cowgirl boots!

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